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Rosita and Pedro Resin Dolls Live Auction

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

LIVE AUCTION GOING FROM April 16th to April 23rd (ends at 11:59 PM MST)

How to Join the Auction:

Place your comments at the end of the Blog (at the end of all the pictures)

Please fully read this post and follow the rules to participate in this Auction.

"Introducing Rosita and Pedro Resin Dolls"

This Auction has ended 04/23/2023

These are the prototypes of this new Angels by Noemi exclusive doll and they are offered as a"couple" in this Unique and Special presentation.

These are partially jointed dolls that are strung together with elastic cords and wire hooks. Articulated on the neck, waist, shoulders, and legs only, they are not really meant to stand on their own please always set them on a doll stand.

Each Doll stands 13 1/2" (Inches), Circumference of the head is 12 1/2" (Inches)

They are made out of Resin, stained/painted, and varnished to protect the surface. Will come with a full set of clothing as shown in pictures, baby blanket, toys, doll stands, and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

This is exactly the same doll "per two" dressed as a boy and a girl, both are included in this Auction.

Their outfits were part of old porcelain dolls, they were cleaned, restore and fit to match these beautiful characters, making it a unique choice of wardrobe that will never be recreated.

If you are not familiar with Resin Dolls; these are pieces of art and never intended as toys! is a very strong material but you should keep it away from sunlight, don't let them wear dark-colored fabrics for long periods of time, and play with them with washed clean hands.

These two dolls are available NOW and ready to ship, after they sell we won't be able to make more but we'll be taking Pre-Orders for dolls to be made in late July 2023, the average price of each doll will be US$280 (plus Tax and Shipping)

Rules of Live Auctions:

  • Serious Bidders Only! If the winner doesn't commit to the purchase after it ends, they will be banned from our store.

  • Please contact us by email or social media to confirm your bid. (

  • This sale is NOT available for payments, full payment is required within 48 hours of ending

  • The final ending price will be subject to 7% Sale Taxes and a Fee of $29 for Shipping within the USA

  • The estimated Shipping for International shipping is about US$100 to $200 with FedEx or UPS, please be aware of this!

  • These dolls will be shipped after full payment. Includes Tracking and signature confirmation for USA.

How to Join the Auction:

Place your comment down below (at the end of all the pictures) Don't forget to contact us and confirm your bid.

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