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Baby Aurora unicorn fantasy reborn doll

I am a lover of the Arts since I was a little girl. I started my art career by drawing and painting just as a hobby.

I was a student of Technical Design and worked for several years doing ACAD Computer Technical Drawings in my country Peru.

I never had the opportunity to show my artistic skills, until I came to live in the United States in 2005.

That is when I started making figurines in air dry clay later I found out about Polymer Clay, I was so amazed by the art of doll making… I fell in love with it! I started researching about it, learning from videos online, collecting information from here and there.

I became a self-taught artist. My inspiration is the female figure as well as children and animals.

I started sharing my knowledge with new beginners, especially my Hispanic fellows, in this wonderful world of doll making.

Nowadays, I started making something more than dolls as was captivated with fantasy characters and creatures, and still constantly strive to improve my skills. I’m able to work in different mediums such as clay, polymer clay, fabrics, yarn, wool, anything that can get my hands on.

Angels by Noemi was born in 2008 as an independent artist, my studio is a small place in my own house, some of my dolls have been awarded on the Dolls Magazine, and I have participated in Doll Conventions traveling out of State.

Right now, I have learned new skills such as Special effect makeup and taken sculpting classes to fully improve myself, my work now is mainly as sculptor of Silicone Baby dolls, the design and reproduction of my own Alternative Reborn Baby Kits and online classes, I have plans to expand my studio in order to take orders for mold making and reproduction for other Artists.

My business is 90% online based as I do some live sales during shows and Conventions in or out of State.

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