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How to Paint a Silicone Baby Doll

How to Paint a Silicone Baby Doll

This is an Online Class, NO dolls are offered for sale in this ad.


Esta clase esta disponible con subtitulos en Espanol

"How to Paint a Silicone Baby"
Available on Youtube.

Here if you ever wanted to learn how to paint silicone, I have one of the best-rated online classes, easy to learn, with full information including a list of materials and tools need it.


If you have good skills in painting that's enough for taking this class. good for beginners and advanced Doll Artists as well.


I will take you from the blank cast either made by you or purchased from another Artist, I promise you won't be disappointed as I will guide you to the whole process step by step. What would you learn here:

- How to sculpt and paint a baby's tongue in silicone.

- Opening the eyes on the silicone cast.
- Realistic painting in layers, how to use the paints, Matting, and finishing.

- Hand painting.
- Alternative using of airbrushing.
- Troubleshooting while working with silicone
- Basic hair rooting.

- Spanish subtitles available. 



NOTE: This class doesn't Include personal coaching, critics, or interaction with the instructor.


From Figurative Artist Noemi Smith (Angels by Noemi)

- Youtube account required it.
- About 6Hrs. of detailed Class. Divided into 8 Videos
- Available Full in English.
- Lifetime access

- Plus 2 Bonus Videos

After purchasing the Class please send us a message with details of your Youtube email account, That way we can give you access to the classes.

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