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Master Mold Making for Doll Artists with Noemi Smith

Master Mold Making for Doll Artists with Noemi Smith



These videos are available as "Private" on my youtube channel.
You must have a free youtube account.
You must be able to know how to navigate the web and youtube.

This class is for sculptors, you should be able to sculpt and have your own model (doll).

Once you purchase the class and download the written PDF there are NO refunds, please read fully before you purchase! 
Send me a message if you have any doubt.


NOTICE: The model is a partially articulated doll made in Paper Clay (doll shown in pics)

What will you learn:
1. How to Use silicone and resin for doll reproduction.
2. Making 2-part molds.
3. Brush on molds.
4. Rotocasting resin pour.
5. NO resin casting/silicone machines are required
6. Please notice this purchase doesn't include personal coaching or critics from the instructor.

This purchase gives you access to Permanently watch the class, as long as you have internet.

Includes a Material List and written Instructions available for instant download after your purchase.

NO, sculpting the doll in Clay class IN NOT included in this sale, please check our available classes for sculpting.

Instructions: After you purchase this class please send me a message with your "youtube" email, without that I won't be able to give you access to watch the class.


The Material List and Instructions are ready to download with your confirmed purchase.

Let us know if you have any questions

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