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Sculpting a Creature Character in Polymer Clay

Sculpting a Creature Character in Polymer Clay

This is an Online Class, NO dolls are offered for sale in this ad.

"Sculpting a Creature Character in Polymer Clay"
Available on Youtube.

If you as a doll artist/sculptor are ready to start a new project and challenge yourself this is the class for you!

Here I will be teaching you several technics for making a creature based on a human shape, how to achieve different skin textures on the clay, play around with humanoid shapes, basic airbrushing painting, and more.

If you have good skills at sculpting that's enough for taking this class. Good for beginners and advance Doll Artists as well

From Figurative Artist Noemi Smith (Angels by Noemi)

- Youtube account require it.
- About 6Hrs. of detailed Class.
- Plus Bonus Videos
- Available Full in English.
- Lifetime access

After purchasing the Class please send me a message with details of your Youtube email account, That way I can give you access to the classes.

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