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Making a Silicone Baby Molds and Cast - Online Class

Making a Silicone Baby Molds and Cast - Online Class

This sale is for an Online Class NO Dolls are offer in this sale.

The purchase of this class is for permanent access to watch private videos on Youtube

Esta clase tiene subtitulos en Espanol.

The only requirement for you is to be a “Sculptor” and to have your clay baby (or creature baby) sculpture (a full sculpted body) made in polymer clay or any other modeling clay. Must be fully baked (if polymer clay) but not sealed or painted, READY TO USE (I recommend having it with inserted glass eyes). It has to be your “own design” and totally handmade by you! Your baby can be any size from 9” minimum to 18” maximum from head to feet.


What you will learn:

  • How to finish your sculpture in order to proceed to cast in silicone.
  • The full process of making a silicone mold of your Baby.
  • How to correctly use and handle the materials.
  • Pouring and casting your Baby in Silicone (with the optional use of a vacuum chamber for degassing the silicone)
  • Tips about using slacker additive as an alternative for softer silicone
  • Cleaning and fixing the Silicone cast
  • Fixing/mending, patching holes, tears and mistakes.
  • Tips on modifying a silicone sculpture
  • How to make holes for inserted glass eyes.
  • How to prepare your silicone doll and get it ready to be painted
  • The alternative of making molds with the head off from the body.
  • Making molds for an oversized baby doll.
  • Making molds for alternative characters with tails.
  • You'll also get a PDF with the Material list.
  • Available with Spanish subtitles. 


From Figurative Artist Noemi Smith (Angels by Noemi)

- Youtube account is need it.
- About 10Hrs. of detailed Videos.
- Available Full in English.
- Lifetime access

After purchasing the Class please send me a message with details of your Youtube email account, That way I can give you access to the classes.



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