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Sculpting with Monster Clay - Online Class

Sculpting with Monster Clay - Online Class

Please make sure to send me your youtube email address after the purchase of this class.
We'll reply to you in about 1 - 2 days


Esta clase tiene subtitulos en Espanol 

Online Class "Sculpting in Monster Clay"
Available on Youtube ONLY.

This is a full Visual Demonstration (all recorded videos) on how to work with Monster Clay, in case you wanted to try this type of modeling clay, you'll learn what are the steps to take, recommended tools and tips.
Regardless of the piece, you want to create; doll, creature, portrait sculpture, etc. the technics applied in this class can be used as well.
Monster Clay is a high grade of oil/wax-based sculpting medium, it doesn't need baking, it will never harden, is mostly used for masterpieces meant to be mold and reproduced.

This class is recommended for experienced Doll Artists or beginner sculptors.

- Youtube account required.
- About 3 Hrs. of detailed Video class
- Full in English.
- Lifetime access

- Plus one bonus video

- Subtitulado en Espanol


NOTE: This class doesn't Include personal coaching, critics, or interaction with the instructor.

After purchasing the Class please send me a Convo with details of your Youtube email account, That way I can give you access to the classes.

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